Casting Producers

Benjamin Baldwin

Bio: As a casting producer for AGT, I'm always looking for engaging and compelling stories that showcase talent beyond it's surface. Many people are talented but with AGT we hope to showcase not only the best but also the most unique talents out there in the world.
IG: benjaminwbaldwin

Terasa Livingstone

Bio: I have been working in Television (in front of and behind the camera) since I was a teenager and as Talent Casting Producer on AGT, I wish for nothing more than to see your true, authentic, artistic self shine at it's brightest. Don't be afraid to take chances & surprise us, all of us here at AGT want you to succeed.
IG: TerasaLivingstone

Naela Durrani

Bio: I am Naela (Nigh-Lah) Durrani, a Freelance Reality Casting Producer, Associate Producer, & Comedy Manager based in the Los Angeles area. I have been working in the Casting & Production Industry for over ten years, ever since I moved to Los Angeles from Dallas/Ft Worth Texas. In my spare time, I attend local comedy shows weekly, national comedy competitions, and national talent festivals.
IG: WhereRealityMeetsReality

Jamie Citron

Bio: I have been working as a Casting and Story Producer on America’s Got Talent for several seasons. I am passionate about discovering top-tier talent from around the world and am always on the lookout for exceptional singers, dancers, magicians, acrobats, and variety acts. Collaborative and dedicated, I am committed to working alongside you, brainstorming creative ideas, and ensuring a stellar performance. AGT is renowned for showcasing the world’s best talent, and I am eager to discover, champion, and elevate your act on one of the biggest stages in the world.
IG: jamiecitron

John Piermarini

Bio: As the Senior Casting Producer and Supervising Producer, I manage the AGT casting team. With nearly a decade of experience casting and producing acts on the show, I still get excited encountering new and remarkable acts from all over the world.
IG: johnashimself00

Luke Swinney

Bio: Hi, I'm Luke! I've been a casting and talent producer for the past decade, and I'm extremely passionate about giving people the opportunity to show their talents to the world. I believe that everyone has an interesting story and I love getting to tell those stories on our stage. Send me your talent no matter what it is, I'd love to take a look!
IG: lukeswinney

Michelle Mastellone

Bio: Hi, I'm Michelle! I'm an Emmy Award-winning Producer who is passionate about bringing stories to life on television. As a Casting Producer for America's Got Talent, my goal is to spotlight the most inspiring individuals, by showcasing their stories and exceptional talents to a global audience. If you have a compelling story and talent you'd like to share, don't hesitate to get in touch!
IG: MichMastellone

Josiahs Porter

Bio: Hi! I'm Josiahs Porter, a casting producer with over a decade in the music and television industry. My focus is on discovering musical artists with compelling songs and captivating stage performances, as well as variety acts that push boundaries and redefine the norm. I'm dedicated to showcasing talent that brings innovation and freshness to the ever-evolving world of entertainment. If this is you, I’d love to work with you
IG: unscriptedtvcasting