AGT Season 20 Virtual Open Calls: Frequently Asked Questions

I registered for an open call, what's next?

After signing up for an In-Person Open Call, you’ll receive a ticket with your date, arrival time, and location. For Virtual Open Calls, you’ll get a confirmation email with your registered date. You can show up any time that we are open. Relax, practice, and get ready to shine! Once registered, you're all set, you'll receive a link to your audition the night before the big day! Need to change something? Just sign in to your Performer Profile.

Is my arrival time my audition time?

Nope! Arrival time helps manage the crowd and ensure smooth operations, but auditions are first-come, first-seen.

Can I still audition if I didn't register for an In-Person Open Call?

Absolutely! Walk-ins are welcome, but online registration is recommended for faster paperwork processing and updates. Note: additional requirements apply for participants under 18.

I can’t make my scheduled In-Person Open Call. What now?

No worries! You can submit a Video Audition or register for a Virtual Open Call.

I am registered online but want to change my audition city.

If you registered online and wish to change your audition city or arrival time, you can do so by signing into your Performer Profile.

I am part of a group, how do I register?

For group acts, only one member should register online. This ensures your group has a single Performer Profile in the system and receives one ticket for the entire group or act. All communication about the audition will use the contact information in the profile.

I was emailed a ticket but can't find it. Do I need to bring it with me?

Although not mandatory, it's recommended to bring your ticket, which includes a QR code to expedite the registration process. If you've lost it, you can re-print it from your Performer Profile, or show it on a mobile device. Alternatively, provide your Contestant ID number.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Eligibility Requirements can be viewed [HERE].

What if I am not a US citizen? Can I still compete on the show?

Contestants must be U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents, possess a valid EAD card, or be in the U.S. legally at the time of their initial audition.

How early can I get to the Audition?

You can line up starting at 6 am on the day of auditions, unless otherwise noted on the individual city's page.

What happens if I am late to the auditions?

Doors typically open at 7 am and close at 7 pm, but hours may vary by city. Check the city page for specifics. Late arrivals within audition hours are welcome. Doors may remain open later to accommodate latecomers. Specific audition times are at the producers' discretion.

How long will I be waiting to audition?

Wait times vary as auditions are open to the public. Expect potentially long lines. Upon arrival, you'll receive a contestant sticker number based on your position in line, and auditions proceed on a first-come, first-seen basis. Plan for a full day at the venue.

How long will I get for my audition?

You'll have up to 90 seconds for your audition. Use this time to showcase the best and most exciting parts of your performance. Producers reserve the right to modify audition times.

Can I audition in person and send a video?

Yes, you may submit a video and also attend an open call audition in one of the audition cities.

Can I audition more than once?

You can audition with the same act more than once, but each act is limited to one audition per event (city or virtual), plus an online submission.

I want to audition as a group and solo, is that possible?

Yes, you can audition as a group and as a solo act, or even in two different groups. Register online for each, using a different email address for each registration. If you encounter registration issues, visit us in person at a venue. Mention at the venue that you are auditioning in multiple categories to receive the appropriate contestant stickers.

Not everyone from my group can make it to the audition. If we bring footage, is that okay?

While full group attendance is encouraged, you can bring a YouTube link of your group performing if key members are absent. Alert producers of missing members and that they will join if you advance to the next round. Avoid bringing media on USB drives or CDs.

I am under 18, what if my parent or legal guardian cannot come with me?

Minors attending auditions (performers or supporters) without a parent or legal guardian must adhere to strict guidelines. Required documents include a photo ID for the minor (school ID or birth certificate with a photo) and permission from a parent or legal guardian. If attending under the supervision of a third party, complete and notarize the Guardianship and Medical Authorization for Minors form and designate the third party on our Personal Release form. Both documents must be signed by the parent/legal guardian and the third party.

I am under 18 or have minors in my group. What do I need to bring to my audition?

Minors must have parental permission to audition and be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Required documents include a photo ID (school ID or birth certificate) and a completed Personal Release Form with a parent's signature. If the parent/guardian is not attending, provide a notarized Guardianship and Medical Authorization for Minors form and ensure the Personal Release form is also signed by the third party.

What should I bring with me to the auditions?

Bring a photo ID and your audition ticket with a QR code. Complete your paperwork electronically or bring printed copies. Expect additional wait time if completing paperwork at the venue. Read our paperwork page for full details and bring a Friends & Family Release form if applicable. Note minor guidelines and venue rules regarding outside food.

What should I NOT bring to the auditions?

Certain items are prohibited, including coolers (unless for medical reasons), fireworks, weapons, sharp tools, mace/pepper spray, illicit drugs, alcohol, props requiring fire or pyrotechnics. Security may ask you to remove any item not listed here. Prohibited items may lead to disqualification or denied admission.

Can I bring family and friends with me?

Family and friends are welcome in the holding area but are not allowed in the audition room unless the performer is a minor or they are part of the act or assisting with equipment. Everyone must present a photo ID and supporters must fill out a Friends & Family Release.

What should I wear to the auditions?

Avoid logos of any kind. Dress impressively for a potential NBC primetime appearance. Opt for bright colors and attire that makes you stand out. Arrive at the venue in your audition wardrobe.

My act takes a long time to set up. What can I do?

If your act requires a significant setup, fill out the provided form to detail your needs. Bring a YouTube link of your performance to the audition if we cannot accommodate your setup requirements.

My act has fire in it or needs special rigging - can I still audition?

Fire and special rigging are not allowed at open call auditions. Inform security if your act includes seemingly dangerous but safe props. Submit an online audition if your act requires these elements.

I have an animal in my act - do I need to do anything special?

Yes, when you sign up, an Animal Information Form will be emailed to you. Fill that out and bring your animal's vaccination records. Different states and venues have specific rules, so complete the form as soon as possible.

I am a singer what should I expect?

Singers typically perform a capella to avoid overpowering vocals with backing tracks. Prepare a verse and chorus of your song and have additional songs ready in case requested. There will be no microphones for singers, but you may use a backing track if you sing and dance simultaneously, or if you are a rapper using your own beats. Playing an instrument while singing is always allowed.

Will there be a microphone for singers?

Generally, no. Singers should be prepared to sing a capella. A microphone may be available for beatboxers or singers playing the piano, but expect a longer wait for these rooms.

I am a dancer, what is the floor like in the audition rooms?

Audition rooms have carpet or parquet flooring, with sizes typically ranging from 15ft x 15ft to 21ft x 21ft. Specify your flooring preference when called to the audition rooms.

I am in a band, what will my audition be like?

Only acoustic setups are allowed during this audition round. Bring your instruments and come dressed in your performance attire. Bring a YouTube link of your band in a full setup if you typically use amplification.

What type of musical equipment is provided?

Bring your own instrument. A keyboard (usually a Roland Fantom G8) may be provided upon request. No drum kits or full band setups are allowed. Prepare a 90-second acoustic audition or bring a YouTube link to show producers.

Can I bring musical instruments with me to the audition?

Yes, if they are acoustic or if you bring a portable amplifier. No drum kits or full band setups are allowed. Prepare a 90-second acoustic audition or bring a YouTube link to show producers.

Can I bring my drum kit to play at the first audition?

No, due to setup time constraints we cannot accommodate large setups. Instead, bring a YouTube link of your performance. If you wish to play something live, bring a portable part of the drum kit.

Will I find out if I make it to the next round of the competition at my audition?

No, we only notify those who are moving on. You will be notified by the end of March if you advance to the next round.